Alex is America’s wholesome heartthrob, but he’s ready to take his career in an edgier direction. He’ll do whatever it takes to get the coveted role of the villainous Lucas Steel right, even if that means agreeing to a fake relationship with a mysterious consultant, who will roughen up his public image and teach him how to portray the dark and ruthless character.

Elena thrives on control, never letting anyone get too close, but her well-ordered life is upended when superstar Alex Chase swaggers in one night with an offer too tempting to ignore–no matter how much she wants to wipe the smug grin off his face.

All Alex and Elena have to do is make it through a month in the spotlight without killing each other or crossing professional boundaries, but the fake dating handbook fails to mention how to proceed when the attraction is all too real. Elena discovers there are hidden depths to this Hollywood Pretty Boy, and her steely control melts in his presence, making her want to surrender to him completely. Alex falls fast for the intimidating woman who’s challenging him to explore his dark side, but he struggles to trust it’s real when he’s used to everyone catering to his fame.

With a secret from Elena’s past hanging between them and both of their careers on the line, they’ll have to decide whether their singular connection is worth risking it all.