Key Club #2: Zane and Maia’s Book

Zane and Maia’s book will be out in 2022! To be the first to see the cover, know when it’s up for preorder, get teasers, and more…be sure to sign up for Jenny’s newsletter!

Zane is a 6′ 5″ rock god with a fire fetish. Maia is the former escort turned celebrity chef who went viral for the wrong reasons (and it’s sort of Zane’s fault). They broke each other’s hearts years ago, but a meddling friend has forced their paths back together. A single stolen night leads to a little light kidnapping and a sex bargain (with absolutely no feelings on the table) is struck…because that always works out. Age gap with an older heroine. She was his first. It’s so spicy, I’m cackling as I write it!